Fashion – Black Embroidered Dress, a Closet Staple

I’m a sucker for flowy and flattering pieces that transition well, and this black embroidered dress is SO good!! I’ll be linking this exact one, as well as a few others that I’m really loving at the bottom. Transitioning from Spring to Summer to Fall and Winter is so easy in this dress! Add booties at the start of Fall….. tights and knee high or over the knee boots when it gets chilly…. even add leggings for extra warmth and a leather jacket on top with a great chunky scarf in the middle of winter! You don’t have to spend a lot on staples and this one is so affordable!

THIS^ Dress

Option 1, Option 2, Option 3, Option 4, Option 5, Option 6, Option 7, Option 8

PLUS/Curvy: Option 1, Option 2, Option 3

Accessories: Bag (similar), Shoes (similar), Shoes (similar), Fringe Earrings (similar), Fringe option 2, Fringe option 3

Gold jewelry: Bracelet 1, Bracelet 2, Ear cuff, Ring 1, Ring 2


So, go and get yourself a versatile black embroidered dress today!!!

Photography – Alicia + Daniels’ Glamorous Turner Falls Engagement Session

Photography – Alicia + Daniels’ Glamorous Turner Falls Engagement Session. As a photographer, I have always dreamed of shooting at Oklahomas’ Turner Falls! The beautiful blue water and falls, natural stone formations, mountainous terrain, natural lush landscape….. it just has such a strong aesthetic appeal.

Alicia and Daniel knew they wanted something special for their engagement session. After almost eloping last fall at a south Texas falls, they set their sights on an actual wedding this fall in Portland Oregon. These two are so stylish and hip and I knew after the choice of elopement location, water had to be involved for their engagement session. We settled immediately on Turner Falls, in Davis Oklahoma which is a mere two hour drive for all of us. It was worth every mile and more! It was a very warm day, but the still cold water added just the right touch and refreshment during the shoot. When it came to wardrobe, renting a gorgeous Badgley Mischka gown from Rent the Runway added the perfect hint of glam to perfectly pair with his oxblood suit from the Suit Depot! You’ll also notice her exquisite and unique emerald engagement ring, made especially for her by Effy. This session was a dream come true and the fact that this girl is one of my very best friends, made it that much better.

We’re now less than two months away from their incredible destination wedding in which I get to be a guest! BUT…. there WILL BE A BRIDAL SESSION, to show off the dress she is making with her own two hands!!!!! You had better believe I’ll be featuring those here as well!

Without further ado….


I cannot wait to see these two get married next month and I am so honored that I was able to photograph their engagement session! Cheers, you two! Love ya!!!

Photography: Lisa Michelle Photography

Location: Turner Falls, Oklahoma

Dress: Badgley Mischka (Rent the Runway)

Suit: The Suit Depot

Ring: Effy

Photo Assistant: Desiree Roberts





Around Town – An Interview With Honeylu’s Coffee in Prosper

Coffee. Can’t live without it. Even more, GOOD coffee, with a good story and great vibe, seems less easy to find anymore. I recently sat down for an interview with the owners of Honeylu’s in Prosper TX, which is an acclaimed coffee shop in town, to discuss what makes them unique and special.

This is my first interview for the “Around Town” series which will feature small businesses in Prosper, TX that I love!


Where does the name Honeylu’s come from?

The original concept stemmed from us honoring our first dachshund Speedy, so a dachshund in the logo only seemed appropriate. Once we started to think of names for our shop, we knew we wanted to be original and create our own word, something we would eventually be able to trademark and use in any market across the country. These ideas and worlds collided, we have another dachshund and her name is HoneyLu, and that is definitely a word that does not exist in any dictionary.



What inspired you to open a coffee shop?

After moving back to North Texas after 5 years in Seattle, we quickly realized we could not find a great cup of coffee anywhere. All the area had to offer were large chains serving over roasted burnt coffee with preservative laden syrups and microwaved pre-packaged food out of plastic bags.



What brought you to Prosper?

Family. Jens’ mom lives in Fairview and her brother and family live in McKinney. We lived in Stonebridge Ranch in McKinney from 2007-2010 and assumed we would land there this time around. But after the urging of our fabulous real estate agent and friend, we gave Prosper a try. We are so glad we did, because we love the small community feel of Prosper.



What is unique about your business (what sets you apart from the rest)?

Making an excellent cup of coffee is basically simple chemistry. It is the precise combination of the proper amount of beans, quality water, correct temperature, grind particle size, and amount of contact time with the coffee itself. By understanding these relationships, we are able to make minor adjustments to maximize the unique flavor profile of every coffee we bring into our shop. We weigh out every shot of espresso we pull, and every cup of coffee we brew. Our attention to these small little details is what sets us apart from everyone else in the area. We pride ourselves in providing an excellent customer experience, and we strive to make our specialty coffee and teas approachable. We also go out of our way to make sure all of our customers feel like family.



How did you choose the look of Honeylu’s?

We wanted the shop to feel warm and modern at the same time.We love the contrast of warm, rich woods with white countertops and white brick walls. We wanted to add pops of color and we feel we accomplished that through the Warhol style paintings of our dogs on the walls.



What kind of coffee do you use, and why did you choose it for Honeylu’s?

We use a mix of coffee from a few different roasters. We offer espresso and multiple single-origin coffees from both Geva and Oak Cliff. We will also have a guest roaster each month from other parts of the country to keep things fresh and give our customers the opportunity to see how different roasters can have completely different interpretations of how a particular coffee should taste.



What is your most popular drink?

Our most popular drinks are Nitro Cold Brew, Regular Cold Brew, Vanilla Latte, and Mocha Latte. Some of our out of the box drinks like our Lavender Latte and Sweet Potato Latte are also big sellers. We have also been told that our Chai is hands down the best they have ever had.



Does Honeylu’s offer food items? Allergy friendly items?

Yes, we offer both breakfast and lunch items in addition to our wide selection of pastries. In the mornings we make in house Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Croissants, Breakfast Burritos, and Crust-less Quiche. For lunch, we offer a rotating menu of Panini’s, Salads, and Wraps. Our biggest sellers are our London Broil and Havarti w Horseradish Aioli and Red Onion Jam. Our Tomato Basil Caprese, and our Kale Powerhouse Salad. We also make Gluten-Free muffins, scones, and quiche.



Should we look forward to any future events or additions in the shop?

Yes, starting in the fall we will be offering various coffee education classes centered around various brewing techniques, proper coffee to water ratio, and how to identify various flavor profiles.


Are there any plans for more Honeylu’s locations in the future?

Yes, we are hoping to open another three to four locations over the next five to seven years. Our future concepts will be hybrid cafe’s with both a drive thru and the traditional cafe’ setup that we currently use. We want our customers to be able to choose the type of experience they want so we can cater to the needs and wants of all of our customers.


Aside from running Honeylu’s, what are some personal hobbies or local activities that you enjoy?

We are very heavily involved in animal adoption causes. We donate a portion of our proceeds to local no-kill animal shelters, because we firmly believe that animals rescue us just as much as we rescue them. We enjoy being out in nature hiking around with our dogs while trying to capture as much natural beauty as we possibly can in any given day.



Additional Notes & Information

We are located in the Kroger Shopping Center at:

1170 N. Preston Rd. Ste. 130, Prosper TX 75078


We are open:

M-F 6am-7pm

Sat 7am-7pm

Sun 7am-6pm

We are dog friendly on our patio out front and offer complimentary Wi-Fi for our customers.



The story of Honeylu’s Coffee is inspired by one of our first “fur children,” a Dachshund named Speedy for his whimsical and carefree attitude, and his love of running at “bullet speed.” Speedy burst into our lives during a time of great personal struggle and brought with him joy, vitality, and unconditional love – truly becoming the sunshine in our momentarily dreary world. Years later as Speedy became deaf and blind the addition of sister Honeylu helped to ease both his physical and our emotional pain. She became his eyes and ears; comforting and taking care of him in his time of need, very much the same way he had been there for us many years before.

In the course of our lives we have run into a multitude of people who shared a similar story of joy and excitement on how their “fur children” found them, and the positive impact they made in their lives. Story after story we saw a consistent narrative of unconditional love and loyalty from these noble canines, and learned of the life changing impact people received in becoming a “fur parent”.

When Speedy passed away, he left behind so many wonderful memories, and his memory continues to live on not only in our family, but here in this coffee shop. We wish to bring not only joy into the lives of those who come into our café, but embody the spirit of Speedy and deliver an exceptional product with urgency and efficiency. Moreover, because we know firsthand the positive impact animals have in our human lives, Honeylu’s Coffee is dedicated to donating a portion of the coffee sale proceeds to help animals in shelters find their forever homes.

The German philosopher Immanual Kant once said, “We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.” Here at Honeylu’s Coffee we believe that our heart is best judged by the ways in which we aim to help animals in need while simultaneously delivering an exceptional product and the best possible customer service to our patrons. While you don’t need to be an animal lover to enjoy a cup of our excellent coffee, cold-pressed juice, or health-minded munchies, know that by being a part of this company you are making a positive impact not only in the lives of animals, but people as well. We are more than just great coffee, in fact, we embody the greatness in coffee by using coffee as a catalyst to affect change for a better tomorrow in the world.

“The world would be a nicer place if everyone had the ability to love as unconditionally as a dog.”
– M.K. Clinton

~ Philosophy & Culture~

Honeylu’s Coffee goal first and foremost is to create an environment where 3rd Wave Specialty Coffee is presented in an approachable manner to all who walk through the door. We aim never to ostracize or belittle those who may lack the culinary knowledge that we, and some our patrons, hold. Rather, the goal is to create an environment where all people (and pooches) are welcome to enjoy the highest culinary execution of coffee, cold-pressed juices, and a selection of health-minded munchies, and receive not only open arms when they walk through the door, but also speedy service so that they can enjoy our carefully crafted products conveniently and efficiently.



-Part one of a series of interviews between myself and other local names and entrepreneurs.

Images of Honeylu’s taken by: (The Family of 3) Lisa Michelle Photography



Travel – Malta in April, a Family Travel YouTube Video

In April, we traveled to the stunning island of Malta for both work and family vacation time. We first stayed in Valletta, where we explored for 3 days. We then visited the beautiful city of Birgu, and the island of Gozo to see the remains of the once “Azure Window” and the stunning Wied il Ghasri. We also visited the awesome Playmobil factory and fun park in the town of Birzebbuga. Parents of kiddos, this place is a MUST when visiting Malta!

We moved to Sliema for the remainder of our trip and stayed at the Palace Hotel (stunning views), and took small trips throughout the city and just beyond, while there. One of the more awe-inspiring destinations was Mdina, which is also known as the “Silent City” . We loved wandering through the quiet streets, spotting sites that were filmed for Game of Thrones, and just enjoying the architecture. Malta was rich in history, rich in kindness, and rich in beauty. We will definitely be back!

Music by: Colaars “To the Roofs” Creative Commons License.

Camera: iPhone 6s
No color correction.

Grey Backpack: Fawn Design (Perfect travel bag!) Jewelry: Stella & Dot

Our family film; a peek inside our home and into our lives.

Our family film. I am so happy that I found Sunny Mays Photography when I did! After seeing one of her family films I signed up for my own, immediately!

We do a lot of family photography. As a photographer myself, I had decided early on that I would be absolutely sure my life with my boys would be beautifully documented, but this was our first video (done by someone other than hubby.) We planned and discussed for months when finally the day came, and it was so much fun!

If you are in the Dallas, Ft. Worth area, I highly recommend Sunny!

Here is our first family film…..


My Outfit: Jewelry,  Shirt (similar), Shorts, Fitness Tracker

So you’re going to Egypt. What to pack, a conservative adventure in the summer.

What to pack for Egypt in the Summer? I’ve got you covered…….. LITERALLY! 😉

My very dear friend and most trusted makeup artist, Meagan is an avid traveler and adventurer. To say her passport gives me travel envy would be an understatement! She recently booked an August trip to Egypt and asked me to help her build a very conservative capsule wardrobe to pack for her trip. Not much skin can show, so I had to be very aware of lengths and necklines. Not to mention having to be smart about fabrics, for breathability in the very high heat!

Her palette is Olive, Black, Khaki, and White with pops of color through accessories for some flare! SO, here we go…..

This pair of olive harems is HER first find, and we are building from here… love these!!

Aerie Harem Pant

Taupe Maxi Skirt, Hi Lo Pattern Skirt


Signature Engravable Delicate Gold Necklace, Antonia Tassel Necklace – Blush


Shark Bite Maxi, Flounce Maxi

Free People High Rise Crop, Joe Fresh Drawstring


Taj Clutch, The Covet Waverly Stone Leather



Linen Blend Drawstring Pant, Allen Allen Linen Pant


Foxcroft White Linen Shirt, Vince Camuto Linen Shirt


O’Neill Blouse, Two by Vince Camuto Stripe Top


Cay Tote, The Covet Sloane Bag – Saddle Leather


Linen Boyfriend Shirt, Button Down Blouse


Samar Fringe Necklace, Luna Pendant Necklace


Linen Crop Pant, Stripe Crop Sailor Pants


Versatile Poncho Scarf 2 in 1 Blue Ikat


Tie Waist Pants, O’Neill Crop Pants


Embarcadero Infinity Scarf


Twist Front Tee, Madewell Cotton Crewneck Tee


Reina Necklace Multi 2 in 1


Bridge Bracelet


Stretch Crepe Top, Madewell Tie Front Shirt


Chevron Leather Wrap Bracelet, Cady Wrap Bracelet Gold


Tie Waist Trousers, Smocked Drawstring Pants


Contemporary Maxi Skirt, Woven Maxi Skirt


Mondrian Ear Jacket 4 in 1

Rosalind Chandeliers 4 in 1, Gita Tassel Earrings White


High Low Split Neck Blouse, Utility Button Down Shirt


Lilah Rolled Pant, Linen Tie-Waist Joggers


Pave’ Triangle Path Ear Climber Gold


I had so much fun putting these options together for her nine day trip to Egypt this August! Take some, leave some, and build your own collection from these options. This wardrobe could truly work for any trip, or general day to day! I love the muted neutral tones and pops of color throughout the accessories! Speaking of accessories, you’ll notice all of these beauties are from Stella & Dot which has been my very favorite one stop for jewelry and accessories for quite some time! I just decided to be a stylist so if you need anything, just ask! I won’t usually be solely pushing one brand as I love so many, but I knew these pieces would be great for this collection!

Are YOU going anywhere fun this summer??? I’d love to hear about your trip in the comments below! <3, Lisa




Fashion – My favorite color and summer sandals

“I’m blue da ba dee da ba daa, da ba dee da ba daa, da ba dee da ba daa”……. OK, ok, ok…. you get the point! Right? HA! Blue is my very favorite color and it just so happens that my new favorite pair of gladiator sandals goes with everything blue! AND BEYOND! I wanted to show these beautiful babes off with a quick photoshoot featuring some different summer outfits that look great with them! I have the ‘Blue Lime’ version of course, but if your favorite color is pink, then she has you covered with her ‘Crazy Candy’ version!
And for the slightly “wildcard” look… I paired these with a white dress and olive vest. Adding the blue clutch brought it together but I really do love this look!!
Special thanks to Jessica at SIC Couture for offering up her photo help and her beautiful Dallas boutique for this quick photoshoot! 🙂 <3

Fashion – Carry on woes, for two weeks in Malta

Best laid fashion plans….. I had so many wonderful intentions for my wardrobe on this lovely Malta vacation with my family! From beautiful off the shoulder dresses, to the cutest ripped black skinnies, and accessories to mix and match with it all!

Then, I started packing and quickly realized that fitting two weeks worth of outfits, some of them requiring three pieces, in a CARRY ON SIZED SUITCASE…. just wasn’t happening. Cue the tears. Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhh…… (my tiny violin was playing a tune, I tell you what!). 🙁

So, I pulled myself together and started to whittle down my big plans. This first picture was after whittling down (THE FIRST TIME) sheesh…

I won’t lie….. this collection didn’t really move me. It didn’t feel as special as I wanted it to, even though some pieces were great new finds! At the very least, it felt easy, and after checking the weather, I knew I needed sleeves and a light jacket for most of the trip. I would soon find out just how cold it actually was there in the spring…….. 😐

After deciding on this collection, I had to whittle it down AGAIN. Seriously how little could I bring to last a full two weeks? Well, somehow I decided that only one pair of jeans (the blue ones) would suffice! After all, I was bringing an adorable romper, and three dresses so surely I would be ok. But then I removed a dress. And a shirt or two. You know…. those carry ons fill up fast. But I did it! It all fit!

Cut to the trip and while I just knew I’d get D to take pictures of me every day in my outfits….. I definitely did nothing of the sort! ONE DAY toward the end of the trip I finally made a point to go out and shoot. I’m telling you, best laid plans. On top of that, y’all…. it was CHILLY. I ended up wearing those dang blue skinnies for almost the entire trip! Talk about a bummer. Toward the end I just forced myself to get through the chill and goosebumps and made those dresses and that romper happen!

SO, here are the pictures that I have of what I wore while vacationing in Malta in April! Some days didn’t get a picture, but that’s ok. I did find myself putting things together that I may not have normally, and I enjoyed that.

^ Off the shoulder swing top (in red), Diaper Bag (ie. best travel bag ever!)

^Faux leather espadrille sandals (Just $12!!)

My travel outfit consisted of this great gray hoodie (similar), and my denim jacket (similar), as well as my joggers (similar) and Nikes! That allowed me to have athleisure pieces to use throughout the trip!


^The kiddo is in head to toe H&M Kids!

^Diaper Bag/Travel Bag

^Striped Top ($14!!), Bar necklace (my every day favorite!!), “A” necklace

This floral bomber was just about the best buy ever, and I luckily found it right before we left! Yay Ross!!!

^Chambray dress ($14.97!!), Floral bomber (similar) and the cutest denim version, Peep toe bootie

^Olive romper ($24.99!)


^Chambray Dress


Beauty – My Favorite Beauty and Makeup Products

Beauty product LOVE!!!! I have always been so interested in seeing what girls love to use in their beauty routines! Favorite beauty and makeup product posts make me so. very. happy. So, I thought it was a great time to discuss and share my favorites (at the moment) with you! Some are new faves and some are LONGSTANDING “can’t liiiiiiiiiiiiiive, if living is without youuuuuuu” favorites! Ok now try to tell me you didn’t just bust out in song like I did?!?!

“I can’t liiiiiiiiiiiiiive, I can’t..”  Yeah, me either. 🙂

So, let’s break this down….

Hairspray: Elnett Satin Extra Strong Hold Unscented still manages to smell amazing, and has been my ONE & ONLY for YEARS! NO white residue, still moves in the breeze, and a great hold at the same time! Love, love, love!

Tanning Lotion: Jergens Natural Glow Medium to Tan Works works works!!! I apply at night after a shower, before I go to bed! It gives me a gradual, and beautiful tan! And the smell is so much lighter and nicer than many sunless tanners!

GlamGlow Clearing Treatment: GlamGlow Supermud I was lucky enough to win a gift card to BeautyKind after an amazing charity concert they put on and boy did I score some goodies! This was such a great buy and I love using it one to two times a week as a mask! It’s strong enough to actually WORK, but light enough to not cause any reactions on my sensitive skin! If you aren’t familiar with BeautyKind, please go and check them out! They donate 5% of every purchase to the charity of your choice! That is some “feel good, guilt free” spending if you ask me! 😉

Moisturizer: Aquaphor DAILY, lips (I carry this in my purse), and face (one pea size in the morning, and one pea size at night) after washing my face! This stuff is amazing!

Dry Shampoo: Batiste Divine Dark (pack of 3) I totally swear by this stuff for my dark hair! It’s inexpensive, smells good, and works GREAT!!

Mascara: Rimmel Scandal Eyes I love this formula and wand, and it’s cheap!! It’s also so easy to run out and grab a new bottle when I run low, since you can find it almost everywhere!

Brow Pomade: Ardell Brow Pomade in Dark Brown I discovered this at CVS a while back, and because it was so inexpensive I gave it a try…. and LOVED it!! I probably don’t need it, since I had really awesome microblading done last summer, but I’m crazy and a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to my brows.

Liquid Liner: LimeLight by Alcone Perfect Eyeliner Pen This non smudge formula is awesome and super easy to apply! It has quickly become a favorite!!

Pencil liner: Sephora Collection Contour Eye Pencil in color 33 Love Affair – Plum This liner is AWESOME! Goes on SO easy, and stays ALL DAY LONG! It’s my every day liner and because it isn’t black, it feels casual but just bold enough!

Blush: City Color Be Matte Blush in Blackberry I used to be a Nars girl for that rich pigment! When I discovered this blush I was in shock at how good it was…. and it is ONLY $3.99!!!! I always order two so I never run out! I have it in 3 colors and each one works in different parts of the year, but my every day perfect color is Blackberry!!

Too Faced: Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer in Medium/Deep Smells like chocolate! YUM! I could probably (and will probably) go to the darkest color during summer, but this middle option is perfect! And the coverage is light so I think anyone can use it!

Watts Up: Benefit Watts Up Cream to powder highlighter Thanks to my Sephora Play! box for this goodie that I now LOVE! I have a slight addiction to pretty highlighters and another favorite is my Becca pressed compact.

NYX Gloss: NYX Butter Gloss This color is Vanilla Cream Pie, but I also love Creme Brulee. I always have to make sure I have one on me!

Gloss: LimeLight by Alcone Signature Lip Gloss in Peace is a new favorite!! Such a pretty color, and there’s a mirror on the side!!

So now that you know what my favorite beauty products are right now, leave a comment and let me know what you’re loving so I can give it a try!!

Travel – Malta Family Vacation Part One

Travel – Malta Family Vacation Part One

Malta. You know all about Malta, right? And you can totally find it on a map I bet!

I will be the first to admit that while I had definitely heard of it (that counts, right?) I honestly had no idea where Malta was or what Malta looked like! It wasn’t until months ago that I started doing research on this lovely little island, and I’m so glad I did. Did you know that they filmed Game of Thrones in Malta? More on that in a later blog…

This was D’s 2nd trip there in 2 months (lucky butt), and this time we were adamant about tagging along and extending his work trip, and extra thanks go out to his awesome Boss man for letting us make this work!!! We really enjoyed getting to spend some time as a group of 4, in between meetings, the first few days we were there.

Here are some of my favorite captures in the first few days while in the capital city of Valletta! And be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss the continuing series!







Hope you enjoyed a tiny look at our first couple of days in Valletta, Malta!

If you’re interested in seeing more of Malta, here are some of my favorite accounts to follow on Instagram ………

@gatesofvalletta , @roammalta , @maltamood , @maltaphotos , @maltacharm , @malta.gozo , @maltaplog , @dreams_of_malta , @maltaisamazing , @from_malta , @maltadoors , @mymalta , @maltalocations , @gozoimages , @visitgozo

And keep an eye out for the following Malta vacation posts! 🙂

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