Welcome! My name is Lisa, and I’m the mom boss running everything for The Family of 3! If you find yourself reading this and wondering who we are, then I’d love to give you a quick rundown!

The Family of 3 is comprised of Me, Lisa -Mom, Boss (duh) ;), Dimi -Dad, and Ariston -Our World (a.k.a. Our Son. We also have 3 furry babies: Sugar (our precious white babydoll Persian kitty who was born in 2003), Buggy (Our tabby rescue kitty who is estimated to have been born in 2009), and Coco (our F1b medium Englishcream red Goldendoodle puppy who was born on 10/12/17)

We chose to have just one child for many reasons, and we feel absolutely whole, and complete. Currently he is keeping us busy with soccer, acting, modeling, magic tricks, and his Youtube channel, just to name a few.

Dimi and I have been together since April 2001, and will celebrate 12 years of marriage this November 2018! We are creative, entrepreneurs who love to be working on numerous projects and ideas at once! My trade is photography, and Dimi’s is web development and design. We’re a great team!

Some things you’ll find here on the blog and on social media are: Family & Pets, Fashion, Travel, Photography, Collaborations, Reviews, Soccer, Friends, Fitness, Beauty, and LIFE.

We are SO happy to have you here, and hope you’ll stick around!


“The Family of 3 is all about our little family and all of the things we love! We are lifestyle bloggers and influencers that feature: Family, Fashion, Friends, Photography, Travel, and all around LIFE!”




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